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Looking for something new to get away from the busy streets of your city but still able to work?

It is very stressful and depressing to know that the covid virus is still out there threatening everyone. With more than a year of not being able to do the things you love and go places you want, you will really feel tired of everything. But, tourism is now starting to come back and what you need to do is to plan your post quarantine get away but not sacrificing your health and safety.

Finding a place that is considered as a safe haven is a bit difficult. If you live in a city, you will end up in hotels only. But we all need fresh air and a place away from the city. If you are looking for that kind of place, going to a secluded place such as cabins in the woods should be in your list of options.

It might sound creepy but staying in a cabin within the woods is not scary rather a place where you can live every day loving everything you can find there such as creeks and caves. But of course, before you book a stay, make sure that you will book from a legit travel agency.

There are things that you need to consider before grabbing the opportunity to stay in a cabin for the weekend or even a week or a month. First, the location. Is it a place surrounded by great sceneries? How many hours of drive is needed to arrive to the destination? Well, if the agency offers free shuttle service, you can grab it so as to save gas.

Another consideration is the entire package. Will it include food during your entire stay? Is the cabin complete with kitchen amenities? Can you cook anytime you want and use their utensils? This is very important because not all cabins offer complete set of kitchen amenities. You might have to bring your own if that happens. You should also check the actual image of the cabin. Does it look safe and cozy? Does it have other cabins in one area? What are available outdoor activities during daytime and nighttime? If you really want to enjoy your stay away from the city, you need to know these basic details.

Of course, since the virus is still present, you also need to know their health and safety protocols. What do they use to disinfect the place prior to your stay? Will there be limit of guests per cabin? You need to ask the agency if they require reservations first because you might go to their place unplanned and they are fully booked at that moment.

If you want to enjoy your vacation while also doing your “work from home” setup, staying in cabins is actually one of the best options for you. It is a work and play setup and you can breathe fresh air, too. Just make sure you book a stay from a safe and legit cabins.

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